Happy Canada Day!

To all of my fellow Canadian contributors I cannot let the opportunity to wish you a “Happy Canada Day!” pass by. 

Today, amongst others, I find myself reflecting on my ancestors and what they accomplished that allows me to be where I am today.  I am a Canadian citizen, and grew up in Canada, although I was born in the U.S., so I have the unique opportunity to call both countries “home.” 

Both of my maternal great grandmothers came to Canada, one from the U.S. and one from the UK, in the early 1900’s and both eventually settled in Western Canada.  (My grandmother’s mother is my namesake, Annie Louisa Smith, so I am especially fond of this side of my family.  :) )

I often wish there were more Canadian records online and I was very excited when we released a Canadian project to key.  Although since I have roots in so many different countries I hope to find a familiar name in at least one of the collections we key!

Along with my desire to find more records I also have a desire to sit down and write more of my history, the stories behind the records.  I want to pass along the gratitude and love I have for my ancestors so their lives can be brought to life for future generations.  I am worried that with out records my ancestors’ lives will be forgotten. 

I am grateful to all of the contributors to the World Archives Projects for your efforts in helping someone find their family.  For as we all know the value of locating your past is immeasurable.

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Reader Comments

Hi Anna,
I spent Canada in Trafalgar Square, London with hundreds of ex-pat Canadians. It was great and I spoke with quite a lot who are ‘doing’ family research. Personally I have found that registering with Provincial Archives has given me lots to access AND ITS FREE!

anna, I just read your letter I found it very interesting about canada I have had a very hard time finding my family but I did in canada because if you don’t know the province or sub-dividend you are in alot of trouble.I’m still trying to figure it out. collette

Thanks for starting some Canadian records projects!