Where do I find project instructions?

A few weeks ago we moved all project articles to the Support Center.  This change was made in conjunction with the wiki being retired.

At that time we also updated the links for projects from the keying tool and the dashboard to go to those articles.  Since then we have updated the Project Instructions in the keying tool, added message boards for each project and updated the help links in the keying tool.

The project instructions include project specific instructions in addition to the standard field helps that follow the General Keying Standards , name, date, location, etc.  In the field helps you will find key words that will help you locate the data on the image and additional helps, such as month names in other languages.  Along with the written instructions you will find sample images which are marked to show where field data should be found.

Because these instructions are so important as you index we have tried to make them simple to understand and of course easy to find!


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Reader Comments

In the Bedfordshire Poor Law Records I clicked “View more about this project” and there was no record found. I got it by searching for Bedfordshire only to find the instructions on the keying samples were so small as to be illegible.

I had a look this morning – Bedfordshire Poor Law Records now comes up with “No Articles Found” when you click the same link. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.

My other question is – how will we know if any changes are made either to the Articles or things like the General Keying Standards now that we no longer have an Update notification (not that this has worked for some time on the Wiki)?

I had a look at the message board for ‘Australia Newspaper Vital Notices, 1851-1997 (Part 1)’. It had one message from Anna pointing to the project page. So far so good.

I then tried to go back to the parent page by clicking on the project name in the Message Board > line at the top of the screen and got an error screen. I’ve been doing this for years with other boards.

Also the link on the project page ‘Post a question or comment on the Message Board’ points to the Australian Records page. Shouldn’t it point to the specific project page?

NSW Government Gazettes.
Gosh, it would be nice to be able to read Event Types, Names and Location examples, can they not be enlarged?. Also some of the Gazette page with names image samples are missing, and the font size is too small too.

Having the same problem on Bedfordshire Poor Law Records as others here. Now it’s 20th March. I also tried last week and had the same response. The update notification has not been working for a long time now in any case. What changes have been made to these instructions,and where can we find them, please? And is there the same facility to ask questions etc.as we had on the wiki? Thanks.

I agree. However there’s a way to handle this. I use Firefox, but similar techniques will work in other browsers.

Right click on the image and click “View Image”, which opens the graphic itself. You can then magnify the image using Ctrl-+ (on the keypad). With my setup, I hold down the Ctrl key while I click “View Image” which means it opens in a new adjacent tab. When I finish viewing, I just close the tab.

There are two projects where the hyperlinks are in the process of being corrected, Bedfordshire and Australia Newspapers. We have updated all of the message board links from the articles and are working on increasing the image size or providing a link to enlarge within the article.
We will post updates on the message boards and as needed on the blog.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this transition.

I am having trouble installing and/or using the “Keying Tool” on my mac. After 20 minutes on phone with Ancestry support told that no longer supported by Ancestry and only contact is through email. I anyone else having problems and/or suggestions?

Re Bedfordshire Poor Laws – The link from the actual Help – More about this Project – on the actual Image takes you to a Blank page still, or actually worse because it says “No articles Found”. The only link that does take you to the Project Instructions is the one given by Anna on the Bedforshire Poor Laws Message Board. I think maybe two weeks has been enough time to get this fixed??