Alabama, Surname Files Expanded, 1901–2005

Today we released the Alabama, Surname Files Expanded, 1901–2005 project for indexing.  This project is an extension of the Alabama, Surname Files, 1901–2005 project so the content types and instructions are the same – just different images and records.  The majority of the records being indexed are from newspaper clippings but there are also family charts, forms, and typed information.  This is an easy project with a caveat that many images are not indexed so there is some “sorting” to be done.

Click here to view the project article.  Questions and feedback can be posted on the message board.

Happy keying!

P.S. There are just over 2000 review image sets remaining to complete the Alabama, Surname Files, 1901–2005!

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Reader Comments

these records are easy.I have enjoyed reading and keying, Thelma hutchinson

Enjoyed keying these records, but am really frustrated that there are so many duplicates, not necessarily in the same set, but the same documents keep showing up in other sets. It’s particularly frustrating when it’s a document that is full of data to be keyed. Am tempted to mark as duplicate, but reviewer would probably give me a bad score.

I keep getting the same images to enter the same data. Is it because I did it wrong the 1st and 2nd time? If I could do a comparison to an image I’ve already entered (because I write down the dates that I have entered), it would save time and effort. So many duplications of images or the previous page that has the column for the next page at far right, which I try to enter. Then comes that page.