Featured project – Bedfordshire, England, Workhouse and Poor Law Records

The project, Bedfordshire, England, Workhouse and Poor Law Records is this month’s featured project.  The project hasn’t gotten much traction and I think it’s due to the complexity.  To be prepared start by reading the Wiki and the Message Boards along with the discussion page.  The records are interesting and full of rich ancestral information.

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I was working on this project for a while. It just did not hold my interest. It would be more interesting, if the 2 page sets consisted of both the left and right connected pages. Presently, the set begins with the right page and you do not know what the related information came before. Then it is followed by the left page of a new group. This format may be causing the project to be more complex than it really is.

Yes do lets get it finished …. Its really boring and I think that people are put off because there are so many images with nothing to key and this affects their stats – so I believe. It is not difficult and the Wiki could be simplified – going through all the images on line is quite difficult and there are anomalies anyway.

I think it’s really interesting – especially the examination records. It would help me though if some of the questions that have been asked could be answered. Also, as one of the moderators said lots of mistakes are being made, and I am probably making lots of them although I have looked at the wiki more than once, some guidance about the most frequent of them would be appreciated. I always enjoy the Poor Law projects – for once a lot of women and a lot of poor people get a chance to be recorded.

Also – why are there so few projects to choose from???????????

The Poor Law project does have a lot of fields and a lot of image variation. I have reviewed the Discussion board and Message boards and answered all the outstanding questions. If there are still things not clear Please post within the Wiki Discussion board.
I have also reviewed the Project Instructions and requested an update to some of the image samples. When it is complete I’ll summarize the clarifications made to make it easier to distinguish the changes.
Thanks for your contribution. We will get through this project and will apply our learnings for next time.
We will be releasing two more projects this month from the USHMM collection and we continue to work with various arrives to acquire suitable projects for our community.
Happy indexing.

Thank you, Joy. Examinations issue cleared up. Happy Holidays.

I have been doing entries daily for some trime. Two major problems – (1) many of the pages have no information and (2) the 2 pages sometimes start with second page with lots of info but all the names are on the hidden first page.