New Projects! New South Wales, Australia, Applications and Admissions to Orphan Schools, 1817-1833 and Gateshead, Durham, England, Roll of Honour, 1914-1920

The New South Wales Applications and Admissions to Orphan Schools is a relatively small project and includes information relating to the applications and admissions of the girls and boys (at the time of the records we are keying there were two schools, one for the boys and one for the girls) admitted to the school between 1817 and 1833.  The Orphan Schools were set up by the government to house orphaned children.  It is both intriguing and sad to read the letters detailing the reasons why these children had been left on their own.   For assistance in keying this project you can refer to the Help Article, message board, and project page

The Gateshead, Durham, England, Roll of Honour, 1914-1920 is also a relatively small project.  It is so much fun to look through these photos of World War I veterans, and figuring out the ranks can also be a fun challenge.   To help you in keying this project y0u can refer to the Help article, message board, and project page.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

Hi Anna
Great to see the Gateshead Roll of Honour project – I have many relatives in that area from around the WW1 time and wonder if any of them feature.

Just a couple of observations from keying the first few images:-
a) the images are very light and whilst you can darken them using the Image Options tool, you can’t key whilst the tool is open. For future, can this be recified so that you can key whilst the Image Options tool is open, or can the images be made darker/more contrast centrally so they are easier to read?
b) common abrviations are not listed in the drop down for Rank e.g. Sergt, A B (Able Seaman), and
MM is not included in the Suffix list (Military Medal). Can these be included in future?

Hope this helps – Looking forward to keying these records


Hi Everyone

I know we are to key what we see but may I just clarify – if there is a battalion included in the unit are we to type this as well
for example – 2nd D.L.I or do we just key the DLI and forget the 2nd?
and just to reiterate what Bob has mentioned above about the ranks abbreviations, you may need to include more.

I have to say it is one thing keying the personal records but seeing the faces of those poor souls who did not make it home is very sad.

Bob, Laura,
I appreciate your comments and will update the articles as appropriate.

In regard to MM, this is not something that we would key. The suffix field is typically reserved for additions to the individuals name, such as Junior, the Third, etc and is not intended to be used for titles or accomplishments.

With the battalion, yes, please key it along with the unit.

Thank you for all of your efforts to make the projects better!

Just a tip regarding the images…at first I despaired, since they look like they are underwater on a foggy day. But I find that decreasing the brightness quite a bit, and increasing the contrast just a tad, works like magic. (On the top menu bar, click image options, and play around a bit). You can then close, and key away.

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