Fife, Scotland, School Admissions and Withdrawals 1864-1914

This project is school admission and withdrawal forms from Fife, Scotland, between the year of 1864 and 1914.  A record is any child’s name on a Register or withdrawal form.  Most of the records have the parent or guardian name listed.  We are also capturing a Title Page which has the school name and year or year range.  This is an easy key and will go fast since it’s lists of names and the handwriting is a little easier to read.  The biggest challenge I had was staying on the right line when indexing.

If you have any questions or need additional direction you can visit the Project Page or the help page here.

Enjoy keying.

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Reader Comments

I cannot find a place to “gripe” so will do it here. I’ve been a prolific contributor for YEARS. I’ve always achieved an Excellent or Outstanding rating. I’m now graded as Needs Improvement. Totally pissed about it and you’ve encouraged me to cut back on my transcription. I really do question some of the Arbitrators/Reviewers accuracy and skills. There………..i feel better now!

Patricia, do you ever read any of the WAP message boards? I’m guessing not because this has been reported as a minor bug for some years. If you key a lot of records and there is a backlog in review, then you %accuracy can’t be meassured for the last 90 days. However this results in an inaccurate grading of Needs Improvement. It is nothing to do with the accuracy or skills of the Reviewers!

Thank you for your feedback. There are some systematic reporting and feedback issues within the reporting. We appreciate all you contribute to these valuable records.

I do arbitrate and it has always bothered me that there is not some way for keyers to get direct feedback, I know it would have been helpful for me when I first started.

For example I reviewed a set where the keyer used 4 year “years” example: 1920 instead of 20 as written. The rest of her input was pretty well done. Since each line had two dates on it, the keying score is not going to be good.

If I was a new keyer and got that score, I might be discouraged from typing anymore, where in fact, he/she really only has to change *1* thing