New Projects – London, England Early Parish Registers (TRIAL) and Varese, Italy Marriage and Death Records

Recently we released three new projects.  There are two Italian and one English project – although when you open them they may all seem foreign. 

The  Varese, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Matrimonio, 1866-1937 and Varese, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Morte, 1866-1937 projects are very similar.  You will encounter both hand written and typed forms.  These projects are in Italian but with a little help from the articles and Field Helps you should find it pretty easy to follow along.

Project Pages: Matrimonio, Morte  (The project pages will open in Italian, if you need to switch this to English please use the drop down menu found in the upper right hand corner of the page.)

Help Articles: Matrimonio, Morte

Message Board: Internation Records – Other Languages


The London, England Early Parish Registers (TRIAL) project is a trial so initially we are releasing a small portion of the images in this collection as a test. We would like to hear from you what the biggest challenges are when keying this information to determine if we can create a name index for the collection, please email feedback to our support team,  Depending on the outcome of the test, the records keyed during this trial period may not ultimately appear in the index online and nor may it be available for free if we subsequently determine after the test that we cannot use our volunteer keying project to key the remaining images.. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us determine what types of collections can be keyed in the future through this project. We hope that the images for the entire collection will be available online before the end of the year.   I think this project is a lot of fun and is a great learning experience.  We have an extensive help article to assist you in keying this project.

Project Page

Help Article

Message Board: International Records – English Language

If you have questions about these projects, or other projects that are not resolved by the help articles please contact our support team by one of the methods outlined below.

1. Click on the Provide Feedback link found in the upper right hand corner of the keying tool and in the Help drop down menu.

2. Click on the Ask a Question tab found in the online help.

3. Email us,

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Reader Comments

Hi Anna and WAP Team,
Just had a look at an image for the Early Parish Records (Trial). My first impression about the Data Entry Fields – we should have a pull-down menu in the Record Type for:
Would save time – and help with data consistency.

Hi Anna and WAP Team – and anyone else who has looked at the Early Parish Records (Trial).

Are some fields compulsory? Should they be marked ‘blank’? I have lots of fields marked in red – ‘for review’ but can’t see anything in the field notes about marking these fields blank if the data is not in the image to be keyed.


my comment is that this section is a mess, cant find anything, no idea where to go, given up. There are 28 links on this page but none are obviously Early Parish records trial

Try the indexing bits for comparison as they have parish records up for indexing , in Latin.

Type your comment here.

Hi niknp,
Have you installed the software required for the WAP Project – the ‘keying tool’? Try this link:
Once you’ve downloaded the ‘keying tool’ you’ll be able to ‘Download an image set’.

Colleen, and all,
We appreciate your feedback. As a result we have been able to make some great improvements to this project.

I love the challenge of keying this project and I hope amidst the other projects that you are keying that you take a few minutes to look at these records as they are something we don’t see every day.

Hi Team, I have tried keying the Early Parish Records. I found it very difficult because with the particular pages I had there wasn’t any consistency with the handwriting. Normally after reading the handwriting for a while you are able to grasp the way the person writes and the way the letters are formed. This wasn’t the case and on the second page I had to give up completely as it was totally illegible.

I found it almost impossible to decipher the names. Maybe someone who is very familiar with the handwriting in 1600s would have better luck. Most of the names I came up with are no where near any names that English people would have back then. I was working on a page of nuptials so the format was easy but the names were a nightmare for me.

Like others I have found the names in the TRIAL Early Parish Records very difficult to interpret. In fact almost impossible.
I downloaded Baptisms 1509.
My thoughts were that if I could print a page off to refer to it might make it easier. The amount of viewing area is about one third of the screen making it very difficult to compare letters

I’m becoming addicted to these records. Like John I thought printing off a page would be a help as I could tentatively pencil in bits that are unclear/missing, but the area obtained is too small.