UK Absent Voters Lists

Our new project this week is the UK Absent Voters Lists.  The records are typed and easy to read.  The “complexity” with this project is that we are only keying the soldiers from the Absent Voter’s List so we have to wade through all of the voter’s lists to find those records, so many image sets will classifying the images as cover pages.  If you have any questions or feedback please post them on the Discussion page or UK Records message board.

Happy indexing!

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Reader Comments

Oh Dear I have just submitted a couple of pages and then looked at the discussion documents. I have not listed people without any military details as I assumed that they were absent for some other reason than being in the forces. In deed the details for one person just gave another address!

Malcolm, We have updated the instructions. I have downloaded your image sets for review and although you will have a little lower accuracy the records will be correct. Thank you for all you contribute!

Like Malcolm, I too keyed every absent voter including those without any reference to military service. And there were some whose reference could not be recognised as military service – the reference could have been e.g. an abbreviation to local council service or civilian paramedic service. Is there a reason why its military absence only that is sought? I’m still unclear on the instructions. Apologies.

I’ve been keying and reviewing any name that is included in the Absent Voters Lista. Some of those listed will not actually be in Army,RN,or RAF but are in an associated occupation eg Dock Worker, Merchant Navy and this is considered to be on War Service.

Graham,what Malcolm was saying was that he had NOT keyed the people whose military service was not mentioned, and that then he found out he should have keyed them. You are correct in keying all the people who are listed in the Absent Voters List even if it does not give details of their service.