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UPDATE: The Pennsylvania, County Slave Records project is now complete!  And there are now only 465 keying image sets for New South Wales, Australia, Sheriff’s Papers.  Amazing progress.


When I open the download screen I generally sort by the Progress column – when testing I sort from from smallest to largest and when indexing from largest to smallest.  Depending on the size of the project the number of available image sets varies drastically so I look down the list to find the projects that are nearing completion.  The following 3 projects all have less than 1000 keying image sets remaining to be complete.  Of course not all projects are for everyone but if we all downloaded a few image sets these projects could be completed in the coming weeks.

So if you are looking for a new project to try consider these projects – you may find a new favorite!



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Reader Comments

I have been working on one project for a while now, and as it comes near to completion, I am wondering if we are actually having less and less new projects.
In other words, are we running out of projects.
Would sure not like to see that in my lifetime.

We have 2-3 new projects planned for each month next year – no end in sight.
They are a good mixture of difficulty, size and location.

Anne: Makes me very happy. I love this stuff!

Cheers, Phyllis

I’m still slogging through what must be the biggest project available. The Southern Claims Commission, Disallowed and Barred Claims project always has thousands and thousands (like 16K!) of sets to review and has, last I checked, nearly 4 thousand sets still to key. It’s apparently more complicated to some keyers than it is to me, because I’ve seen some AWFUL jobs of keying them – like labeling every single image wrong, making up names out of the handwriting (who knew 100 chickens could be Lou Stricklan?), and even sending through blank names as keyed names. SMH… I don’t even mean [Blank], I mean red fields that have nothing at all in them – how does one even DO that?
Anyway, I’m glad to see some of the other projects coming to a close, even if the one I’m working on is nowhere close to being complete. It feels good when you can finally see your last sets of a project get done! Well, unless you’ve fallen in love with a project, and then you feel sad that you don’t get to do any more of them, LOL! I had that happen to me with the Buffalo Soldiers project!