New Version of the Keying Tool – Version 179 is now live!

We recently released a new version of the tool – this will launch the next time you open the tool and may take a few minutes to load.  In this new version we focused on enhancing the tool so there are quite a few items that we worked on that you may or may not notice.  What you will likely notice is that your overall experience goes more smoothly. 

If you have feedback or need to reach our support team please email us at

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Reader Comments

I just installed the new tool and arbitrated a couple submissions. I noted the bottom left box (where the records to be arbitrated are listed) now has the word “editing …”. And it doesn’t change if you arbitrate a field. So what’s the story on that.

I noticed that, too. Does that change the arbitration numbers?

When I try to download sets to key, when I click on the top to see all sets, the area that used to say All now is blank.

when I tried to download and install the new tool today,it failed, and then “rolled back” erasing my files and my keying tool. How do I download a new keying tool?

Beth, this link should take you to the download page:

Put it in your favourites or bookmarks, because otherwise, the easiest way to get to it is from the Dashboard, and the easiest way to get to that is from the keying tool! But of course, the only time you ever need it is when you haven’t got the keying tool.

Thank You Kate !!
I’ve created a short cut back to the d/l page if I should ever need it again.
Off to keying I go…:-)

Yesterday before the new download, my husband tried the keying tool which worked but he cancelled out as he wasn’t sure what I wanted to work on. Today after the new download I cannot get a project. It does the first part then when gets to download image it will run for a bit and then an error comes up that had to do with a corruption culprit and the clock. It shows under my projects I now have 3 listed but none come up? Could it be due to having dial up as a server or something else I need to do?

Glenda, I sometimes get that same message when using mobile broadband on my laptop if the internet connection is playing up. So it could be because you’re on dial-up – I think it specifies somewhere in the requirements for the WAP that you need broadband. Anyway, if you get that message when you are trying to download big image sets then you can try downloading 1 small image set at a time and that might work; it usually does for me if I get that error message.

Despite several atempts, the new update of the keying tool programme won’t download. After the run command, the window “starting to download” briefly appears, but then disappears and nothing happens. I use Firefox and Windows XP. I had no trouble with the previous version and am now “bereft” of my favourite pastime. Can anyone help? I am not the most computer savvy person in the world, but could it be a security thing, ie my antivirus software blocking it? (Mcaffee)

Is there a tutorial on keying bio data? My accuracy needs improvement and an example would be a great help.


I appreciate your help…..Thanks!!

New version of keying tool, now it won’t open, I get a message that parameters are incorrect

This is the 3rd time I have written, but have yet to see my question and/or answer.
I cannot download the new keying update. When I click on the keying tool, I’m told I need to download update–but it will not download–just goes blank. I have tried downloading from scratch and that won’t work either. So it has been 12 days since I’ve been able to get to the keying tool. What do I need to do ?

Help, I am running Vista and I am not able to install this update. Any suggestions?

I was notified that I had to upgrade to the latest version today 6/17/09 and when I did I can no longer use the keying program. I deleated the older version and reinstalled from your dowmload page, same results. Let me know when you solve this issue and I will resume my keying tasks

some more info to help you solve the problem mentioned in above message.
update required from and I am using xp sp3

It has happened again. A new version of the keying tool just came out and it will not install. I have tried several times and it downloads and seems to install, but it keeps demanding that I install the new version. So I am out of business and will have to wait until some genius at WAP wakes up and fixes it. But the problem is there is no way to get out notification that it has been fixed. So you have lost a contributor.

To set the record straight, shortly after posting the message on the inability to open the newest version of the keying tool I received a phone call from Dane Mortenson of the WAP staff who told me that the problem had been fixed and it should now work. While he was on the line I tried the download and installation of the new version and it worked. The problem was that the server or servers where the new version was placed was trying to insist on reinstalling the old version and thus blocked the new version. For those of you who have had problems, try it again. And if you went so far as to uninstall the old version, you will probably have to go back to the original home page and download from there.