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Generally I have a good feel for what projects are getting the most attention but sometimes I am surprised.

Over the past month it came as no surprise that the most records were contributed for the Kansas, City and County Census project, 806,000+.  In a distant second in contributions was the Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices (83,505), and in third, the Alabama, Surname Files (29,675).  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the New York and Vicinity project (27,759) was fourth and that there were two USHMM projects in the top 10 Poland, Łódź Ghetto Register Books (16,663) and Romania, Selected Holocaust Records (7273).

Thank you for all you contribute to all of the projects!  Happy indexing.

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Contributors, like me, whose ancestry is USA and Canada before the revolutionary war, would probably appreciate more documents from early North American sources.

I totally agree with Mr. Bloom. Also wondering why the selection of keying projects is so much smaller than it was when I began contributing.

To be honest there really was not much to choose from.

We appreciate your feedback. We continuously work on bringing in new projects. If you have ideas for collections you would like to index please post a comment or send us an email with details.

Do you know when the 1950 census will be available for indexing? I was born in 1946, and can’t wait to see my family and neighbors on the 1950 census! Such fun! I LOVE indexing!

Are there any plans for more Delaware Land Records? I enjoyed that project for the history lesson.

I’m not sure if this is where I ask a question. I just downloaded to Kansas City & County Census. When I open them there is no “Census” key, only ‘duplicate’, ‘image no data’ or ‘cover page’. How is one to handle this?