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Today brings us two new projects …

Happy indexing!

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Reader Comments

I’m not seeing the Australia Newspaper Vital Notices available to download in the keying tool yet.

I’m still not seeing the Australia Newspaper Vital Notices either.

I reset the project. I am seeing it so I hope you are too.

Is anyone going to answer all the questions that are on the Wiki discussion page?! I keyed a few names, but had all the same questions, so I returned the set.

When It has the lady’s maiden name (nee and the name) I have been putting it with the given name with “” around it. Is this correct. Also nick names ‘name’ along with the given name. Let me know How it is to be done please. Thank you, Connie Fry

I love this work, it is great. Thanks for having it available for us to do. Connie Fry

We only key Maiden names and Alias names when there is a field for them – or according to field help if different than the keying standards. They should not be added to the Given or Surname fields. (Maiden names are sometimes keyed in the Surname field in lieu of the married surname – each project will have field help will address whether this is the case.)