Alabama Surname Files – project changes

Based on feedback, mine and yours, we have decided to halt this project and add additional fields.  In adding additional fields this project becomes more useful for researchers and it will be easier to key. This does mean that there will be a loss of effort which was a large factor in deciding whether to redo the project.  We appreciate all that has been contributed and all of the feedback that we have received.  The updated project will be released later this month.

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Reader Comments

I look forward to working on this again. The information was rewarding as a history lesson. I was in the process of cancelling the images I had requested when I saw your message. I will be out of circulation for a time as today is when I will be having carpul tunnel surgery on my right hand. So I look forward to coming back to being able to work on this project again.

I really enjoyed working on this project and I agree that there is a lot of valuable information there.
Please get it back soon.

I am so glad that you are restructuring and adding new fields. As a long time genealogist it was really hard for me to read all the info. and not record it.

Best of wishes for a speedy recovery!

Jeanne, Betty,
It was hard for me as well – so I have been pressing for these updates.

We had hoped for a late April re-release but it will be early May.

Awesome! I’m so glad that we’ll be able to add more info from these files. I can’t wait to start working on it, again.