Announcing a brand new Dashboard page

This morning we launched a new World Archives Project dashboard page.  In addition to a new look, we have added new features to give you better insight into a project’s progress and, for the first time, links to all of the World Archives Project databases that are live on

The “Available” project list lets you know which projects are available for download in the tool for keying and arbitration.  Each of the projects are links so they will also lead you to the project page.

The “Unavailable” list of projects indicates projects that aren’t available for keying or arbitration because all of the image sets have been checked out. When projects are close to completion, they may “bounce” between this list and the Available list as image sets that people have checked out expire or arbitrators reject them.  


The “In Processing” list includes the projects that have been completed by the community and are being worked on by our teams at Ancestry.  These teams work their magic to prepare the indexes before they go live on the site as a searchable, indexed database. 


Last, but certainly not least, is the list of “Live” databases. These are databases that have been keyed by the World Archives Project community and are available free for everyone to search.


In addition to better indicating a project’s status, the page now includes a “feed” for the Ancestry World Archives Project blog so you can stay up-to-date.  At the bottom of the page you will still see the general World Archives Message board. To see a all of the Ancestry World Archives Project message boards click here.  


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I have spent hours reading how to key for the World Archive Project. I’m sure it’s simple, but can’t “get it”. Anybody have suggestion to make it more user friendly or do I have to give it up. Right now I feel stupid! Thx, Nancy

I did the same thing, Nancy. Try the projects that are marked ‘Easy’…it makes a big difference.

Nancy, I am working on the Illinois Naturalization Indexes and it is a piece of cake. I average about 150-200 pieces a day. Takes about an hour to do 100. So I do a ‘set’ in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening.

How do you get to your dashboard?

Hi Nancy,
Don’t do any of the Andrews Collection!
Start with easy-peasy!

Karen, when you are using the keying tool, click where it says “See community leaders and discussions online”. (in the bottom right-hand corner) I do wish it said “Go to your dashboard” instead of that!

I think it would be af a great help to newcomers if they were informed what errors they are making instead of just a percentage of accuracy. It helps to know what you are doing wrong !!!!!!!!

I agree with Paul’s comment for newcomers. Being one myself I would like to know what I’am doing wrong.

Kate, thank you so much!!

Agree with Paul and Sylvia about getting feedback on specific errors. I had been putting in periods after initials. Felt ghastly when I read some guidance here (after the fact) which said not to. Wish I’d known that earlier. Now I check here every time before I start keying just to be on the safe side.

Today when I tried to open the World Archives Project I got a message of a
upgrade. The first few times I tried it, it just went blank and did nothing. After several hours of trying, it finally gave me the open-save window. I selected save as I always do and selected the file . There has been nothing since then. I have a new Icon on my desk top, but it won’t open and neither will my old icon. How do I get into it now ?

I would like to know what my errors are also. I would also like to know what to do with name affidavits on the PA naturalization records. Do we just skip over them. Myself, if it were my ancestor, I would like to see them.

I know it’s been a week since you posted your question, but I have just figured out what I’m doing here. I tried putting my own information in for the first days I attempted to log information. I only just figured this out yesterday! As Tanya mentioned, try the easy ones. I’m currently working on the California Naturalization records. They are pretty easy. If you feel stupid you are SO not alone!