Project Update

In the past 6 months we have indexed 246,991 image sets (close to 7 million records), completed 20 projects and released 18 databases for searching.  Wow!

Projects that are 100% keyed:

 Projects that are over a year old:

New Databases online:
•    Alabama, Revolutionary War Residents, 1776-1783
•    Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter (Birth, Marriage and Death Notices), 1738-1925 updated
•    Czechoslovakia, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1945 (USHMM)
•    Delaware, Land Records, 1677-1947
•    Iowa, Consecutive Registers of Convicts, 1867-1970
•    Kansas, City and County Census Records, 1919-1961  updated
•    London, England, Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1698-1930 updated
•    Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal (Birth, Marriage and Death Notices), 1885-1980 updated
•    Poland, Łódź Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 (USHMM) updated
•    Poland, Łódż Ghetto Worker ID Cards, 1940-1944 (USHMM) updated
•    South Australia, Australia, Police Gazettes, 1927-1947
•    Surrey, England, Regimental Rolls, 1914-1947
•    Tasmania, Reports of Crime, 1861-1883
•    Tulare County, California, Sheriff’s Office and Jail Records, 1874-1963
•    U.S., Chicago and North Western Railroad Employment Records, 1935-1970 updated
•    UK, Police Gazettes, 1812-1902, 1921-1927
•    Victoria, Australia, Police Gazettes, 1914-1924
•    West Yorkshire, England, Select Removal and Settlement Records, 1689-1866

That’s a total of more than 5.6 million more records that are now searchable.  Your contributions are making a difference.  Thank you!

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Reader Comments

I’ve tried to review the Ottawa Journal several times because I like that type of project. However, no matter how I adjust the image, I still can’t read the image without guessing most of the time.

There are some pretty blurry images. Doesn’t help for this project but we are working on making sure to have better quality images for newspaper projects.

Good to see Savannah Georgia Licenses and Bonds finally done!