Join us in celebrating New York’s 400th Anniversary

As we are gearing up to celebrate the 400th anniversary of New York in September my mind turned to the collections we are keying in the Ancestry World Archives Project – what better way to celebrate our beloved state than by preserving its history and making it free to the public? Join us in honoring New York by keying one of the three collections we are currently working on, New York Naturalization Indexes, NYC Naturalization Indexes and New York, U.S. Naturalization Records – Originals.


According to my back of the envelope calculations if we all keyed 10 image sets, and the arbitrators kept up, these indexes would be complete in a few weeks. What a wonderful gift to all whose ancestors arrived or lived in New York. 


(Personally I think I can key at least 20 of each of the Naturalization Indexes.  If you want to follow my progress I’ll post how I am coming along in comments to this post.  See if you can keep up. J

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That sounds like a great challenge. I have been working on these for along time and seems like I am not getting anywhere. I usually do 10 a day or more….so I am in.

I have been working on these for several months, and I kind of considerer them mine. I both key and arbitrate, so I more concentrate on keying, because they are so easy to arbitrate. Good luck with the anniverasy; I will do my part.

A worthy goal! I have been trying to do 10 sets of New York Naturalization index records every day that I can, and I have noticed that we are getting very close to completion.

I started on the originals, but these are much more difficult, due to the paleography, mainly, and trying to find out what kind of record each page is.

Most of my Italian, Alsatian, Mecklenberger and Prussian ancestors came through the port of New York, so even though I am Canadian I feel a strong affinity to New York.

Nice idea. I’ve done my ten but I wouldn’t be very keen on keying any more until they fix the drop-down menus; it seems to take much longer to key them than it would if those drop-down menus were put back how they used to be. Surely you must find it annoying when you’re keying, Anna, so can’t you please get them to fix it?

I started keying the NYC Nats as soon as they came out Ive done hundreds of sets , I switched to the New York Nats and today when I went to key some to my amazement they were all done 100% !!!! Congrats to all the keyers and arbitrators !!!!

I’m pretty much a newbie at this, but can’t help wondering why we don’t collect the names/addresses of the witnesses to the petitioners. There must be some value to that info.

My status since posting is 9 New York Naturalization Indexes image sets (I snatched them up before they were all gone), 10 New York Naturalization Indexes image sets and 2 New York Naturalization Originals image sets. This week I’ll work more on the Originals.

We ended the week great – completing the New York Naturalization Indexes (woohoo!) with a total of 15,483 image sets submitted. 8898 image sets were completed for New York City Naturalization Indexes and 1668 image sets submitted for New York Naturalization Originals. If we keep up this rate New York City could be completed by the end of the week too!

In response to Kate, I am working with the team to see if we can improve the drop down dictionary. And to Bob, the reason we are not capturing the witness information is that we are creating an index so we want people to be able to search and find the primary person of record.

Brand new keyer here. Just started yesterday.

I will admit, I tried one NY entry but did not like them one bit.

Sorry, going back to the Illinois Naturalization indexes, have keyed a little over 100 per day.

Welcome to the new keyers…please be careful to how you key the NYC Indexes…first make sure you are reading the HELP box on the far right. The back of the cards are CARD BACK not Blank or No Information. Also, and I’m just now seeing this today, do not transfer the nationality from the front of the card to the Back of the card, if the back of the card is blank leave it that way, do not key anything.
I’ve been keying the NY cards since November, and arbitrating them since January. I enjoy them, but correcting mistakes that are avoidable is irritating, and slows the progress of getting these records completed.

I’ve been working on the NYC Naturalization Index cards for about a week now. They’re even easier than the IL Naturalization Index cards, in that the ones I’ve seen are more legible even though hand-printed. (Somebody in Illinois desperately needed to clean his/her typewriter keys!)

I do have a question, though. Sometimes there is information on the card back, such as “wife of John” or a reference to another location for additional information. Since the only field available to key from the card backs is “Nationality” I’ve been marking that field blank.

That doesn’t seem quite right, but neither does choosing “Image with no data” as the form type.

The little instructions box in the lower right of the screen doesn’t cover this type of information.

Linda and all that are new to keying, new to the NYC Nat cards, or just needing extra help. Here is a very helpful, and the best I’ve seen yet, guide to how to key the NYC Nat cards.


Hi all,
We have a new New York Originals help article,

I am up to 20 image sets from the NYC Indexes and 15 for the Originals – I’m almost at my goal. 🙂

so are you saying that this project is also completed?

I am still keying , just a little slow to post. I have 9 more NY Originals to key to reach my goal.

The New York City Naturalization Indexes are 41% complete and the New York Natucalisation Originals are still only about 2% complete.