Welcome to the NEW Dashboard

Yes, along with the new Ancestry there is a new World Archives Project dashboard.  Things have been rearranged so we will take you on a short tour.

How do you get there?  Help – as in we need your help.  From the Help menu select Community and on the right hand side of the page you will see the World Archives Project.  (The URL is the same so your bookmarks will still work.)


Once you are on the Dashboard you will see the list of Featured Projects and My Projects.  To get to the list of all active projects click on Active and for the Live list click on Completed.


Change can be a little uncomfortable so we have worked to make sure everything was still easily accessible and intuitive.  Along with the site changes you may have noticed some changes in staffing, we are happy to have Sean be more involved in responding to your questions and feedback.  Your patience as we adjust to different roles is appreciated.  Challenges, reporting of top contributors and more communication will be back on track soon.

We appreciate all you contribute to our World Archives Project community and the broader Ancestry community.  Thank you!


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Reader Comments

Welcome to Sean, I’m sure we’ll keep him busy and give you Anna a little breathing space.
When will we be getting email alerts again for when changes and questions are added to the projects wiki?

Anna, clicking on Help – Community, on the ancestry UK site, gives me Error 500 “We’re sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable” on various different browsers (IE9, Firefox, Opera, Pale Moon) on my Windows Vista computer. But I can get to the dashboard by Googling for World Archives Project dashboard.

If I go onto the US ancestry site instead, Help – Community works just fine. The dashboard also loads o.k. if I go from the keying tool, because it leads to the US site.

The Australian site and the Canadian site are like the UK one – error 500. I haven’t tried any more of the international sites to see what happens.

I appreciate your letting us know. In testing this morning I am upon clicking on Community I am brought to an older page and you have to scroll down to see the AWAP Dashboard. Are you seeing the same?

We have this fix on our list. Currently I check the Recent Changes page to see what questions have been asked.

Anna, as I said before, when I click on Help and then Community (on the UK site) I just get “Error: 500” and “We’re sorry – this page is temporarily unavailable”. I don’t get any page where I can scroll down to see the dashboard. I am getting the same on my Windows 10 laptop.

Now I remember that clicking on “Community” on the old UK site had exactly the same problem, but I always hovered my cursor over “Community” to get the dropdown menu and selected World Archives Project from that. On “new ancestry”, hovering my cursor doesn’t bring down the menus (though even if it did, I don’t suppose it would for Community as it is now within Help rather than being an option of its own).

So, there was always a problem with the Community page on the UK site (and other non-US sites) but it is only now we have switched to the new ancestry that this problem actually prevents us from navigating to the WAP dashboard.

All these changes are so confusing, especially to us older people! I am deeply distressed at the news that Family tree maker is being ended. I don’t understand what will replace it, will we loose all our hard work and how will we be able to access additional information that we got using the little leaves? Very confusing with many questions. Welcome Sean!

I have reported this issue. *Keeping fingers crossed.

The World Archives Project page should be fine if you go there directly, http://community.ancestry.co.uk/wap/dashboard.aspx or through the Keying tool (click on the Online Dashboard link located under your stats).

It will take a while to get used to all of the changes on the Ancestry site – it took me months. The Family Tree Maker software will still work but we will not be updating it. So for the time being you will not need to change anything with your software.

Thank you for all you contribute! Happy indexing and researching.