New Project – Michigan Passenger and Crew Lists, 1902-1954

Yesterday we added a new project to the mix – the Michigan Passenger and Crew lists!  I think you will find this project, along with all of the others, to be not only a fun but also educational project to work on.  I love seeing where people came from and where they settled.  There are a few nuances to this project so reading through the Field Helps and Help article will definitely get you going in the right direction.  This project is sponsored by the Farmington Genealogical Society.

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I am really looking forward to these since I am a “prodigal” Michigander. While these files are too late for my line (about 1 year, to more than 100 years too late), the ones I have seen so far are from the Port Huron area where my grandmother’s family was from.

Hopefully there won’t be too many of the “fuzzy” images that I have run across at the beginning here.

I am anticipating more projects from Michigan, Kentucky and Canada (Ontario and Nova Scotia), as well as West Virginia and North Carolina.

Andrea, I have to agree that more Canadian projects would be great.

However this one looks very interesting. I would love however to have a one on one with WAP re how the projects are rolled out. There is a lot of chatter on the message boards, and unfortunately some is conflicting.

I am a new keyer, only starting last Sunday. I decided that I would start with the Michigan Passenger and Crew list. I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands and the first set that I did contained a Gentlemen with the surname Le Ruez who was born in Guernsey our sister Island. I would love to try keying in other data but for now will stay with Michigan.
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to be a keyer I really feel that I am doing something for generations to come.

Hi – I was just keying about my 10th entry or so for the Michigan Passenger and Crew List. I don’t know what button I pushed, but suddenly I was taken to a place where I could select another list to key in. I wasn’t finished with the list I was doing! How do I get back there, please?