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In the past 2 months we have indexed 104,051 image sets, completed 8 projects and released 4 new databases for searching.

Projects that are 100% keyed:

New Databases online:

At long last, having been released for keying January of 2012, the Kansas Census records are now searchable – 4635 contributors indexed 13+ million records.

Your contributions are making a difference.  Thank you!

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Reader Comments

It was mentioned that 104,051 image sets were indexed. How many sets were reviewed during that time period?

That was the total image sets submitted for that time period – 44,784, were review image sets.

I’ve been reviewing the Ottawa birth, death, marriage data base. The left column of the part 2 papers is smudged and often impossible to read. I found a way to make what we key/review more accurate, if not quicker. I belong to and their copies of the pages are clearer than the ones we’re using. When really stuck, I can refer back to them. I know, not everybody has access to these.