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Today we launched part 3 of the Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1961.  This is most similar to part 2 and has the exact same instructions – we are only keying from the “Schedule 2” records.  (The first part, which took a few years to complete will be available to search next month!)

If you have feedback or questions please post them on the Discussion page or the Census Records message board.

Happy indexing!

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Reader Comments

I wish that they could remove the extraneous pages from the Kansas Census because many times all 5 pages are section headers or no extractable data images. There isn’t even a choice of Title Page any more.

How Do You Key in Crops I have had lots of images with it?

Type your comment here.I am completely lost.but I will try to catch up fast. reason I was in a badbad acciddentin july 2014 and my mind still will not work fast. Iill keep trying —thanks for all the helpn the past and in the future,Donald Dykes

2. Agricultural forms should be marked as Cover Pages.

I have a Enumeration form that is filled in with about double the normal number of entries AND the entire page is crossed out. What should I do?

If it is a Schedule 2 form regardless of the number of entries, or whether they are crossed out or not – it should be keyed.

Often when the entries are crossed out they are difficult to read – do your best.

Thank you for asking and contributing!