Two new projects

Today brings us two new projects, U.S., Chicago and North Western Railroad Employment Records, 1935-1970 and USHMM – Czechoslovakia, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1942-1945.

U.S., Chicago and North Western Railroad Employment Records, 1935-1970 is very similar to the previous Chicago and Northwestern Railroad projects – keying employment records for individuals working on the railroad.  The records are generally typed and quick to index.

The USHMM – Czechoslovakia, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1942-1945 project contains name lists of Jews whose property was confiscated by the state, lists of the “Relief Committee of Jews from Czechoslovakia,” and letters.  We are keying the names of individuals who were victims or survivors.  Due to the records being in mainly German and Czech there are some language and detective skills involved in indexing these records.

Happy indexing!

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Reader Comments

Hi, I’m interested in joining the project, but I didn’t see anywhere to join up. What do I need to do?

Brenda Morris

I am interested in joining the project but like Brenda, I see no place to sign up to key in data. I have downloaded the Keying tool.


Brenda, Charlotte,
Once you have downloaded the keying tool, you sign in and click on Download Image Sets, select the project you would like to contribute to and start indexing.

Learn more:

Download keying tool: PC:

You can also watch Getting started videos here,

Off topic, Anna, but what happened to the Kansas census? I have more time now and was going to do more, but it has been gone for a while. It was easy and I had a lot of relatives in it! Switched over to the railroad work cards because I may run across a few relatives there, but not the 100s that I had in Kansas!I get more pleasure out of doing records where I might run across an ancestor. It gives me a look into my family’s lives and surroundings more than almost anything else and there have been literally hundreds on several branches of the family.

Chris, and all,
We will have another Kansas Census project coming in a few weeks.

I tried to add a question to the Wiki for one of the projects (USHMM – Poland, Lodz Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944(Part 3), but when I clicked OK after entering the question, nothing happened. Is there something I’m missing here? I thought I followed the directions.


I am currently keying and arbitrating this project and I have some pet peeves to mention.
1. Do NOT enter “Blank” in a non-required field.
2. Do NOT enter periods (i.e. St. Louis should be entered as St Louis)
3. Enter ALL the data. During arbitration today I have come across 10 sets where only the Given, Surname, and Social Security information was entered even though there was more data. When someone is arbitrating they should not be doing so much data entry.
4. Do NOT enter street address unless instructed.
5. Use commas between city, county, and state.

I am NOT a know all, but these are the most common problems I see when I am doing arbitration. Even though this information is in the keying instructions I think it would be nice to remind those that are doing data entry about these particular areas because of their common occurrence.