New Project! Lubeck Volkszahlung 1807 & 1812

If you are not a German speaker don’t let these records scare you off.  I think they are a good place to test the waters if you haven’t before – we are keying mainly the surnames but sometimes you find a given name listed as well.   As with all handwritten documents,  reading the handwriting can be a little challenging but the language barrier should be minimal. 

Project page: (1807), (1812)

Help article:

German research help:  (You may find the Old Alphabet Examples helpful,


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Reader Comments

Just started one of the 1807 images. Since the majority of the first names are indeed initials, let’s update the tool so that it accepts initials in the given name column and doesn’t turn them all red. K?

On this Blog, could you add a link to the List of Boards for World? It’d be convenient.

And, I’m still waiting to hear why my arbitration tool loads all images at 180% and must be reset every set, and reset on every image in every set, and reset repeatedly on same image if the tool pops babk to the top of the image. Any conclusions yet? Been patient, but it makes it lousy to do work.


Since this Lubeck project was added to the download image set listing I have been unable to select anything but the Lubeck choices. The two selections are on a page all by themselves without any of the other sets being available. I have tried everything I know. I do not even get to see the page with all the other image set choices on it so I am not able to change anything on that page to correct the problem.

Be sure to check the “Filter list by” block in the upper right hand corner that chooses the country and set it to ‘All projects”. You may have it set on German, and that may be why you only see two projects listed.

Where have the Lübeck Census projects disappeared to? I was happily working on one set at a time, when suddenly first 20 vanished, then the last 4. I am puzzled. Are they all complete already?

I just finished the 2 Lubeck image sets I downloaded, and was very pleased to have deciphered the letters, such as S and C, that look like something else, making my entries highlight. Now the Lubeck selections are gone! Will they return?

Wow! This project has been completed in record time. Thank you to all who keyed this project!

This happens to me all the time – especially when I am using the arrows for paging up and down as it changes the menu selection unless you have clicked on the image set box.

The image size error should be resolved in the next version of the tool.

And for everyone who enjoyed this project – we are hoping to have another similar project available soon so stay tuned. 🙂