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A few weeks ago we made some changes in the background at Ancestry that had an impact on the ability of  certain programs to connect with Ancestry and authenticate your username and password.  We have worked on the software to make it compatible again and are in currently in the testing phase awaiting the go ahead to bring it to all of you who have a Mac system.

This issue has continued for a while and want to express our appreciation for your patience and perseverance.  We are hoping to have you back online in the coming week.

Thank you for all you contribute!

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Reader Comments

Has the mac version of the Keying Tool been modified to work on macs? I don’t have Yosemite OS.

So, will this also bring the keying tool to compatibility with Yosemite, or is this update just to fix the login problem?

Unfortunately, the Yosemite fix will come at a later time. We are still working toward getting the new code in place on the site so it can be downloaded.

I didn’t upgrade to Yosemite, but a number of weeks ago Keying Tool just stopped letting me login. Worked just fine, now nothing. Customer service folks had me doing all kinds of things trying to figure it out. Hasn’t worked since. Wish the programers informed customer service about this issue, could have saves everyone a lot of time. So it’s not a Yosemite problem as far as I can determine.

So those of us who did upgrade to Yosemite are left out in the cold, unable to contribute anything until “a later time”. How much later: days, weeks, years? Thank you so much for your concern about us! I’m not sure I will bother to continue checking for ability to use the Mac keying tool. Apparently our contributions are worth very little to Ancestry.

The issues were totally separate causes as such had separate resolutions. Some of the issues were fixed – the first line being in white was not fixed. We have now launched the fixed version of the Mac keying tool. So all Mac users can log in again!

I still cannot log into the keying tool with my Mac. Have not upgraded to Yosemite. Can you advise?

I can log in with Yosemite but it doesn’t like to save my work. It is only 4 records and I can get only the first of the four to save. Very frustrated.

Kim, Shelley,
We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you have encountered. Did you remove all of the files for the previous version of the keying tool before downloading the new version? Are you receiving an error? If you have not downloaded the new version you can find it here,
If you continue to encounter difficulties please contact us, worldarchivesproject at

I just came across the error in the Mac Keying Tool where the first line is not visible, apparently it is in white type in a white box, leaving it looking blank. What are we supposed to do? Leave it as is, or is there some other work around? And any resolution in the near future? Thanks – I’ve been away for awhile.