Let’s Start 2015 Off With a Bang

UPDATE: All contributors who complete 2015 records during the month will be entered into a drawing for their choice of a t-shirt, water bottle or thumb drive.  New contributors in the month of January who complete 100 records will be entered in a separate drawing.

In addition there will be Project of the Day Challenges*, working from our oldest projects to the newest.

Jan 4 & 5 – Cartes Electorales (keying) and Ottawa Journal (the original, review)

Jan 8 & 9 – Tennessee Early Land Registers

Jan 12 & 13 – U.S. Southern Claims Commission

Jan 16-18 –  Tulare County, Sheriff’s Office and Prison Records and Surrey, England Regimental Rolls (both are review only)

Jan 20 &21 – New South Wales, Government Gazettes and Savannah, Georgia, Licenses and Bonds (Review)

Jan 24 & 25 – USHMM, Krakow, Poland ID Card Applications (Part 7) and USHMM, Odessa, Ukraine Selected Records (review only)

Jan 27 & 28 – New York and Vicinity, United Methodist Church Records  

Jan 30 &31 – Pick your favorite project

We are looking forward to a wonderful start to 2015.

Happy indexing!


*Terms and Conditions: The Project of the Day Challenges (each a “Challenge”) are administered by Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 360 West 4800 North, Provo, Utah 84604, USA (“Ancestry”). The Challenges are open to contributors resident in USA, UK, Canada and Australia, aged 18 or over, except employees or agents of Ancestry or its group companies. Each Challenge begins at 00:01 MST and ends at 23:59 MST on the relevant day.  A prize will be awarded to: (1) the contributor who keys the most entries, and (2) the contributor who arbitrates or reviews the most entries, during the period of the Challenge.  The prizes will consist of either (i) a copy of  FTM, (ii) a 3 month Ancestry membership, or (iii) a DNA test. The prizes cannot be exchanged for money. Contributors may win one prize only. The winners will be notified by e-mail after the end of each Challenge.  If a prize winner cannot be contacted within two weeks of being notified, Ancestry reserves the right to award the prize to an alternate winner. Ancestry’s decision is final and binding. No cash alternatives to the prizes will be offered, and the prizes are not transferable. You agree to Ancestry making the name and state of winners available on request.  For details of the winners, email worldarchivesproject@ancestry.com.

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Reader Comments

Hopefully the person that is only entering partial records for the Chicago and NW railroad records will not be considered for this challenge. If I were only entering the first and last name I could enter lots of records also.

I agree with Priscilla, it is all very well keying a lot of records but if they are not correct what is the point?

I calculated the number of records I regularly key in a week. The number is woefully short of 2015 per week. I’m either too slow or too careful. Good luck to the fast and sloppy typists out there! This challenge was a clever idea but ……

I agree with the previous commentators – perhaps a better idea would be to award prizes for new members who register and complete a minimum number of records.

I agree with Rick Womack. Encourage Newbies!

Well, I started this a couple of years ago and stopped doing it then. So I’m just getting back into it and I find it fascinating! Yes, I’ve made some errors…..my fault for not thoroughly reading each project’s directions…sorry! But I’ve been trying harder since!! I doubt I’ll ever hit that 2015 mark…….like Stanton Bloom, I am too careful. But I may try the Daily Projects……well, good luck all and Happy New Year!!!

2015 records in a month is more like it! Thanks for listening.

Tennesee Early Land Registers
Q: should we ignore the signature name also listed in left column ‘Owners Names’ ?

If we are NOT to key the signature name at the bottom of the record, then also are we NOT keying that same name as listed at the top of left hand column labeled “Owners Names”, example: ‘Isaiah Watkins assignee of John Waddle and John Macmillon’ where Isaiah Watkins is the signature name at the bottom of the record (therefore we ignore Isaiah Watkins, but key John Waddle and John Macmillon?) Or are we not to key any names from the ‘Owners Names’ column if not mentioned in the description text? Please advise.

I am late to the game as had a problem getting a response from Ancestry about the keying tool. Is this only for keying in data or does reviewing also count?

The Challenge is for all contributors, whether keying or reviewing records.

Please give us an update on the January 30-31 challenge.

Stanton, and all,
Here is what has happened so far the Challenge #8.

Keying: 656 image sets, 7319 records
– Illinois Railroad is in the lead with NSW Government Gazettes close behind

Review: 818 image sets and 18,413 records
– Mostly from the Kansas City and County Census

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