Happy Thanksgiving!

The kids are in bed. 

The dishes are done.

My computer keys clacking,

One by one,

Typing names, dates, places and more,

West Yorkshire, Delaware, Kansas too

Downloading more image sets, yahoo!


Here we are together, yet separated by miles

Sharing instructions, questions, and smiles.

Thousands of contributors having a ball.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and to all. 


We are so grateful for all of the time, efforts, and talents that are contributed every day.  Thank you!

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Reader Comments

One by one, the projects get read,
A parade of numbers dance in my head.
When I think I’ve seen every name in the book
A new one requires a second look.

I’m sure my typing skills are improving
And the family cat even watches them moving.
From “A” to “Z” and from “1” to “0”
As they tap out a rhythm, I’m a keyboard hero!

The document’s done, just hit “finish” to end.
And to the project I happily send.
Hip hip, hooray, I’m finally done.
But wait…oh drat, there’s another one!