Tool Update – Version 168 is now live!

In the last hour we launched a new version of the keying tool.  To update to the latest version of the tool you will need to close the tool and open it again.  After the update occurs the tool will not launch automatically so you will need to open the tool manually, either from the Start Menu or from the icon on your desktop.

A few of the improvements you will see in this version of the tool are: 

  • Transitioned to an InstallShield platform.  This should not affect how the update occurs unless you launch the tool “fresh” in which case you will go through the InstallShield process.  This update will resolve some of the stability, login and installation errors we have seen in the recent past.
  • Resetting column order and width to default settings.  There are times when you are keying a project you may want to rearrange the order of the columns, now you will be able to restore them to their original settings.
  • Image sizing – when you open a new image set the images should now open at a reasonable size.
  • Ability to release projects with a “simple” form type – this will eliminate the need in some projects of selecting the form type and setting the form position.

If you have suggestions for how we can improve the keying tool, or the keying experience please submit your comments by clicking on the “Provide Feedback” link in the upper right hand corner of the tool or email our support team,

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Reader Comments

After launching the new version of the tool today we unfortunately encountered some difficulties so we have gone back to version 155. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Our development team is working to resolve the errors and we will let you know when the update is ready again.

UPDATE: Version 168 is live again. Thank you to our development team for their quick work!

I got the notification that the new version was available, it showed me the change in the version number, uninstalled it, and then the program was gone completely from my pc, this has been resolved given the Update on the blog from april 30 2009 @4:27pm?

Beth: just installed the new version at 10:40pm PST without difficulty. Try it again!

Thank you for the up-date. My Keying tool works perfectly now.

I am nervous everytime there is a new update for the World Archives Project application software. I prefer to log-in, using my password before application updates are downloaded to my computer.

Loaded & ran OK; but hasn’t fixed the “alphabetical given names” problem.

I do a good deal of my keying off line, then I connect to the Internet and submit my finished images. Whenever you update the tool, it deletes my work awaiting submission when it installs the new version. This has happened twice now. It’s frustrating to key or arbitrate 20 sets of images each time just to have all the work deleted with your update.

I am glad to hear the update has gone well for you all.

David, With our update to InstallShield you should now be able to choose whether you would like to update with future versions of the tool. This will allow you to update after submitting all of the completed image sets. (I will need to check with the developers but I know that incomplete sets are saved and I also thought that sets waiting to be submitted should have also been saved…)

About the Image Sizing;
It’s not holding my chosen size settings.
I make the images smaller,then when I go to the next set,they are all 100%.
I would really like to hold my image size from set,to set.

I agree with Cornelis1822. I would like to keep my chosen image setting size when I move to a new image set, as most of the time I will work on the one project where each image is always the same size.

Please consider the following for the next keying tool update;
1. To open the image at 75% & to keep it that size unless the keyer needs to change it.

2. There is no highlighter when keying another section (Andrews)consequently the image jumps back to the top of the image each time you tab to the next box.

3. The drop-down first name menu was very useful when keying common names & also a great time saver. Now it’s useless. Please fix.