The project pages get a face lift!

Today the Ancestry World Archives project pages got a facelift.  In addition to an updated look, we added an indicator of a project’s difficulty, links to the form types for that project, and more visible help links.  

You can check out the new pages by clicking on any project name, such as the Southern California Naturalization Indexes.

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Reader Comments

I wish your link to the WAP Message Boards would take people to the level above the current level. That way more people would know that there are more Message Boards available to them, and put their questions and answers in a more pointed location.

On the Dictionary of National Biography, why does it say that it is “Advanced” in the “About Project,” but on the keying tool and the new difficulty indicator it says it’s “Easy?”

As Bruce says, a link to the higher level on the boards would be great as well as a link to the specific board for that project.

Not to sound ungrateful, but I would rather the Field Help & examples be improved.
And it would make sense for your link from the dashboard to go the “level above the current level,” as Bruce wishes. By the way, why are the 2 boards named the same? (“World Archives Project > World Archives Project”) To help people find it, we have to tell them to click on the one on the left, it’s a little exasperating sometimes.
Thanks for listening.