New Projects!

Late last week we released four new projects, three Naturalization Originals collections, New York, California and Pennsylvania, and the Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22.

The Naturalization Originals are fun collections to key and to look through.  I love seeing the old documents and sometimes get sidetracked reading through the whole document – even though the information is in plain sight.  For these collections it is important to become familiar with what the form types look like so you can easily identify what documents should be keyed and which should be marked as a “Cover page”.  Referring to the Project Instructions (these should pop up automatically when you open an image set but they can also be found under the Help menu) and online Project page will be helpful in becoming comfortable with the project.  We have created a new message board for discussions about Naturalization images which you also likely find helpful, .

For the Dictionary of National Biography we are only capturing set information about the individuals, but you do have to read quite a bit to find the information.  I think the trickiest part of this project may be selecting what to enter in the Navigation field – it is very important that you read the entire Field Help.  If the information is both a continuation from the previous page and continues on to the next page you should select the option of “Continued from previous image.”  A little tricky but a fun read.  The message board that will be used for this project is the International Records – English language board,

Enjoy the new projects!


If you have questions regarding the projects, or the keying tool please contact our Support Team,

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Reader Comments

I went into my projects tonight and my imput count had dropped 300 points! I proceeded to do around 20 names and they were not counted!

I haven’t the foggiest idea of how this program works and I have had it about a month

Joy…I felt the same way at first so I picked the S California Naturalization project..good learning experience…..I got it March 9….didn’t start until today and of course my count is way down…but …oh well….a challenge to bring it up….and I’ve had so much benefit from all the records that I thought I should contribute in a small way….one more person

On this project do we go down the names and then up to the second row of names OR do both names on each line?

I downloaded software last night and started keying PA Naturalization Records. I wanted to do more tonight and don’t know how to get back into the project to do more keying! HELP! How do I get back into the software, and where do I find it???

Hi Ginny…I had the same problem..I thought I needed to go to to access the Keying Tool but….
the software should be on your computer…click on START in your taskbar and look for “Ancestry World Project-Keying Tool” And also check to see if there is a shortcut on your desktop with the same name.

Hi Anne, can’t find the blog for Ca. Nat. Documents and I have a question. Maybe you can answer or direct me to the right place. we have been told previously to key only the following:Declaration of Intention, Petition for Naturalization & Certificate of Citizenship. Today I am coming accross page after page of what appears to be an alphebetical log which seems to track aliens, by name, no dates, only ref numbers for addresses, etc. Since there are only 3 options,: duplicate form, cover sheet, etc..what do I do with these? I have been marking them cover..Thanks, John

I just downloaded the software and wasn’t sure where to find the World Archives Project- and found the icon on my desktop!
Question: On the Pennsylvania naturalization project, many of the petitions have two pages to them, the second page being a signature and date. The information is the same as the first page- it’s not a duplicate however it is duplicate information. I had been marking it as that miscellaneous “cover” catagory. Should I be marking it duplicate- if I do that, it won’t appear when it gets published.???

Doing PA Naturalization records. the images show both the declaration of Intent and the Petition in the same image. the declaration is usually brighter but both forms should be keyed. when I hit next it goes to the next image not the next form so one document is getting left out. Help!!

Because of this, I feel it is critical to start by saying that, as anybody working here will let you know, generally as there are various instructive organizations all through the world,