New Message Boards!

This morning you will notice two new message boards – International Directories and U.S. City Directories.  These boards were created with the Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index and Jacksonville, Florida Area City Directories projects in mind.  With the growing number of discussions regarding these projects on the general message board we wanted to make sure the discussions were easier to find and to enable future discussions.  When there are announcements regarding the project updates we will be posting them to the topic specific message boards as well as posting them in the Project Instructions.

I have had a few questions about administering the message boards, if you are interesting in being the administrator of one of the World Archives Project message boards you can click on the Volunteer to Admin link.

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Reader Comments

I thought thank you said it all, but they said it was to short to try again.

Why not have one message borad per project?

I also think it would be most helpful to have one message board per project.

I agree that one board per project makes sense. Also what is the easiest way to get to the message boards from world archives page?

Thom, At the bottom of your dashboard is the General message board. You can go there then backtrack to see all of the World Archives Project message boards or use this URL, and add it to your favorites.

We are working on making all of the message boards more accessible.

I am a 75 year old widowed pensioner and am completely bewildered as to how I can use this program

Help me get into Family Trees – I cannot understand how this program works

I LOVE doing the Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index entries. But, I am curious about what the entries after some of the names mean,
like “Bwena”, “Tara”, “Tyreal”,
“Melpomene”, “Hinemoa”, and other interesting names. I can’t even venture a guess! Thanks for a fun project! Mary

Does anybody know what these entries after the persons name mean? There are some really different ones, like Melpomene and Hinemoa, and some that even sound like Pacific Islander! Very interesting! This is still my favorite project of all that are available!