Challenge Update

Yesterday 32 contributors submitted image sets for a total of 14,970 records keyed.

  • Top keyer: Beryl M, UK (although 4 image sets may not seem impressive for this project that equals 1600 records!)
  • Overall Top Reviewer: Marcelle R, USA 

Our remaining Challenge is over Saturday and Sunday for the Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 & Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 (Part 1) projects. These are both pretty large projects, the original has been 100% keyed for many months, and has 8763 review image sets remaining. “Part 1” has 7500+ keying image sets and the 18,000+ review image sets. So…there are plenty of image sets for everyone!

On a typical weekend for these projects we are able to complete 10,000+ keyed records and 15,000+ review records. I am looking forward to seeing what will be accomplished over the coming weekend.

Happy indexing!

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Reader Comments

I’m happy for the keyers. I’m at 15,823 since I started June 20.

All I want is to be able to contribute to the PA Death Certificates. I hope I can have that opportunity.