Tool Update – Version 155 is now live!

We have released a new version of the keying tool.  In order to update to the new tool you will need to close the tool and open it again.  You will receive a notice that there is an update to the tool and the update will start processing.  If the tool does not automatically start you will need to click on the icon or on the program from your All Programs list.

In this version of the tool you will notice:

– The “Blank” bug has been resolved.  You can now use Ctrl+B without data being lost. 

– Tool settings will now be remembered between image sets.

– We have resolved many of the install issues we have encountered in the previous versions of the tool.

We appreciate the feedback you have sent! 

You can contact our support team from the tool by clicking on the Provide Feedback link in the upper right hand corner, from the Help page, or by email, worldarchivesproject

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Reader Comments

I used the new tool tonight but after about 2 columns of the Sands directory it just closed down and I had to do it all again!!!! Is it possible to be able to save the work regularly or is this something I’ve not found yet?

Any work you have entered should be saved when the program “closes”. There should have been an error asking if you wanted to save the changes – if you replied no then the data you have entered will be lost.

I got the mandatory update notice when I started the keying tool. Clicked “ok”. It went through the deinstall process, then nothing. No install – zip, squat, nada. It “broke” somewhere between the deinstall and downloading/installing the new tool. So I went to the website and downloaded and installed. That worked. Running Vista if that helps in the debugging of the download process.

So far so good for me. Installed fine and seems to be working fine. I am running Vista also.

I hope that the problem of the card moving to the top with whole card highlight has been fixed. That is really troubling to me.

Mine downloaded ok. It went straight through without a hitch. You are doing well!!
One question. I alternate keying in Il Nat Indexes and Sth Cal. Indexes. In the former the month drop down is ok as it just has the full month. But in the Sth Cal Indexes it has the abbreviation for the month also. As we have to key in the whole word for the month, can the abbr. be got rid of

We have adjusted some month listings – I will have the team review each of the month entries and make adjustments as needed. Luckily this does not require a new version to be fixed. 🙂

They finally got me a fix from last time, just this morning. I was able to use it for the first time.

I wasnt online today, and when I just came to the forums to read that there was another update, I could feel myself cringe. Oh, nooo!

But, I went and clicked the icon, got the update and it works. Or, at least, I can open the program. I havent tried anything yet, but I am just elated that it

I also have Vista.

I must admit my heart sank too when I saw there was another update today. But it’s all working fine and the little annoyances when inputting data seem sorted too.
Hurray! Thank you!

The keying tool was working more or less o.k. for me since the previous update, apart from the fact that I got a “fatal error on installation” message every time I ran it, but now it doesn’t work at all. I just get a message about some resource not being available on the network when I try to run it, and I have tried repairing, uninstalling, etc. but nothing works. Have emailed the support team so fingers crossed they can fix it.

If you encounter an error along the lines that Kate saw where it states, “…resource not being available on the network…” this error indicates a system load issue for Please attempt to run the program again.

Well, I admit I cringed, too, when I opened the tool just now and found yet another update waiting. It did its thing and now I’m about to try working in the newest tool. I’m thinking good thoughts and hoping all the leprechauns have gone home!

So far so good it seems to be running well and I am also running windows vista 64.

Thanks so much for re-setting the Month lists to make the first choice the complete month name. It really saves a lot of time with only 1 keystroke requiered for the month now.
The version update worked without a hitch this time. Thanks for you prompt response when may previous version install didn’t work correctly and I wasn’t able to remove the program for a reninstall. Your script solved that problem nicely.

What? After loading the next batch of Southern Cal Naturalization records my Month popup lists have reverted to the old order with the abbreviated names first instead of the full name. Was I mistaken about the change???

I really like how the month entry works now. What a great idea to have only the acceptable entries available, and fill in when it could not be any thing else.

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Is there any way to do a copy and paste? I entered a whole page of the Jacksonvill directory before I discovered I had entered the second page in section one.

I wanted to say Thank You!
I have Vista 64bit and the new tool works great. I’m excited that I can finally help.

I cannot comment because I do not know how to work the programme – can’t someone give me a step-by-step entry so I can get on with my Research – whatever I do I cannot seem to find any entry to anything other than About afechter and message boards. I am 75 and I need help not days of trying to make a program make sense to me

I need to turn off the automatic replies. Sometimes if I stop in the middle of typing and double check it will have put in a name I did not intend to. I miss it and it had the wrong thing in the line.