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Over the past few months we have sent messages to reviewers who have contributed to specific projects in an effort to complete them.  We are very appreciative of the efforts of the reviewers in jumping between projects and putting extra effort in to complete these projects.  In July we completed 4 projects –  Oklahoma, Indian and Pioneer Historical Collection; California, Alien Land Ownership Records; England, Criminal and Lunatic Asylum Registers; and Savannah, Georgia, Select Board of Health and Health Department Records.  

We appreciate each of you and the efforts you put into contributing to the Project!

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Reader Comments

Having contributed to a number of sets which are now completed, eg Liverpool Seaman’s Records and West Yorkshire Licence records, I find it a little disappointing that they have not yet appeared for general view on the Ancestry website.

Why spend time on entering up the data if they are not made available quickly to the community at large?

We appreciate your feedback. It is generally 6+ months after the keying and review is complete until the database is available for searching.
The Liverpool Crew Lists will be coming in a few months.

I just posted this blog with the projects/databases that went LIVE in July.