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Today’s new projects span half the world – from West Yorkshire to New South Wales.

The West Yorkshire, England, Removal and Settlement, 1627-1912 project spans close to 300 years so… there is a variety of handwriting styles, different record types, a great wealth of knowledge and something for everyone.  These records detail the movement of the poor as they moved between parishes – if they were caught they were generally removed back to their originating parish.  If you have questions or feedback about this project post on the Discussion page.

And the New South Wales, Australia, Surveyor General’s Papers, 1857-1859 contains 22 years of land purchase records.  The forms are standardized so the information we are keying is easy to locate.  If you have questions or feedback about this project post them on the Discussion page.

Happy indexing!

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Reader Comments

I tried to ask a question on the discussion page for The West Yorkshire, England, Removal and Settlement, 1627-1912 but couldn’t figure out how to do it. My problem: The image set I was given seemed to be a ledger listing how much people were paid for sewing clothes etc. The sample pages for the project did not mention this type of information so I said that each image was Section header, etc.

I came across a yearbook at a second hand store. is there a way I could forward this book to you?
Sorry I have not be able to post for quite some time. But I will keep looking for the easy projects.