Keying Tool Bugs

We have discovered in the most recent version of the keying tool, released Wednesday, that there are a few items that are not functioning properly.

– The highlight feature is not maintaining its settings.

– Marking fields blank, Ctrl+B, will remove the information in the field after the “blank” field.  Please tab over fields that should be left blank.

We are working to resolve these issues soon.  If you have questions please contact our support team.

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Reader Comments

Today, March 13th, my total number of records arbitrated have stopped increasing after corrections have been made. Is this another error in the recent keying tool?

I am having trouble accessing a valid keying project. First, I kept getting “Access denied” I finally re-installed and was treated like a new Keyer, although my statistics came up.

Each time I try to access my project, no form for entry shows. I have tried twice, and will quit for now. guys are ahead of the game. lol They cant even make mine work. Not that they arent trying..they are working with me in email..but so far, no luck.


For Jacksonville City Directory, the tool tries to copy every name in the above line, to the next line. Tool demands using green on every name entered – first & initial & last name, or it stays red. It only does it on the 2 columns for name, no other columns. The type form is Other.

In this tool version, Highlighter won’t stay off in the same set; have to turm it off on every image.

And, can they reduce the sizes of the help balloons? Obtrusive now.


I’m still having the same problem as Laura #2…no where to key the record. I’ve emailed twice and still have had no luck with the email fixes. It’s on both of my computers! It’s getting frustrating! I need to key! lol. Anyway, please get it fixed!

I had the same problem with no table to key the information into after I was finally able to reinstall the updated keying tool. I uninstalled it again and reinstalled and the problem went away.

Hi the problem I have is information which I have keyed is not being retained. When I go back to review what I have entered it is gone ! It is happening in the name field (I have been keying the slave manifests) for some reason I cannot explain it dissappears and it is showing as fields requiring correction? 🙁

Yes, there is another bug we are working on. Some contributors are seeing an error where the entry fields are not there. We are hoping to have all of these bugs worked out soon.

Aileen, Are you making sure not to mark fields as blank?

My keying tool is installing and configuring every time I use it. When it finally is installed I have two boxes pop up on which I say ok. Then it decides to tell me I have a fatal error in the download, after clicking that off everything seems to work normal. There obviously is an error of some kind there but shall I just ignore at this present time? The only thing is I’m not sure if my keying is actually being registered or being lost somewhere. It’s all very frustating when everytime there’s an update this sort of thing happens.
I have contacted the support team but no one has got back to me as yet.

I’m not having these problems.

However I cancelled the Jacksonville Directory, and the box for the reason didn’t appear.

Hi Jackie,
I was having that problem too. I found the way round it was to go on and manually install the the keying tool,that seemed to correct the problem.

And yes Afechter, I understand what you say and I am not marking the fields as blank

The new keying tool will not fully install. When I click on the Ancestry icon on my desk top it tries to re-install each and everytime. In the end I get a fatal installation error message and then it backs up and closes. I was sent something that was supposed to enable me to uninstall the old version but it would not work. I tried turning off my security features but it still would not install. I have never been unable to uninstall any programs before now. Help please?! Oh, this is a ista computer.

i had the same problem as george prinkey. only i re-instaled and now the keying tool installs but i am still getting the fatal installation error message?

hi there
I am keying the slave manifests and up to new keying tool being installed I had no real problems but now it will not let me enter the age, as I key the numbers button the selected box goes all over the place and will not accept numbers

I had a bad patch on the Sands direcotiry and marked “illegiable” in one field. The entry in the following field dissapeard. I think it is the same bug as for “blank”

In the Sands directory, you have to mark the name fields blank if the address is for a company or there is no first name given but it still causes data to disappear. What should I do in this case?

How do you enter “Denied” if appropriate in the Date of Naturalization fields? I am keying in the Illinois naturalization Records.

Once again when i start the keying tool it says fatal error and tries to close down.