USHMM, Days of Remembrance

This week is Holocaust remembrance week, or the Days of Remembrance.  It also marks our 3rd Anniversary of the World Memory Project.  We have accomplished a lot over the past 3 years!

To celebrate this week we will highlight each of the projects with Daily Challenges.

If you encounter questions while you are keying or reviewing these projects post them on the Discussion page for the project, the USHMM Records message board or our Keying Party FB page.

Thank you to all of our World Memory Project contributors!



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Reader Comments

I have three completed sets of records from USHMM Odessa, but cannot upload them because you have removed Odessa from the list of available datasets. What’s going on? The datasets now have a clock character next to their name, which I assume means they are running out of time and will be returned as not completed.

Robert, what exactly happens if you try to upload one of your completed Odessa image sets?

Click: Submit finished image set. (Progress says “Done”, Exp date 2 May.)
Reply: “Are your sure? Y or N.
Click: Yes
Reply: “Program failed to upload batch file. Try again later or contact Tech Support.”
Click: OK

Robert, and all who have keying image sets for Odessa,

We found an issue with these keying sets and the developer fixed it. The unfortunate result was that any of the work being done by keyers was lost. If you have Odessa keying image sets they should be cancelled.

We appreciate your efforts and are sad at the loss of time you have spent.

If you have questions please send them to worldarchivesproject@ancestry dot com.