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Update: We have returned the projects to the queue until we complete the process of splitting them into smaller projects.  We appreciate your patience and contributions!

We have two projects that have been available for over 2 years that we will be removing from the download queue in order to split them into smaller projects.  Both USHMM – Odessa, Ukraine, Selected Holocaust Records from Romanian Occupation during World War II and USHMM – Czech Republic, Social Welfare and Repatriation Records of Holocaust Survivors, 1939-1948 will be removed today in order to make these changes.  Image sets currently downloaded will not be impacted – you can continue to key/review and submit them when complete.

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Reader Comments

When will the Kansas Census be available to key again?

I am anticipating the next part of the Kansas Census project to be released in March.

May I repeat my previous request that the description of the USHMM Czech Republic records is reviewed. They relate to Czechs and Slovaks; the majority of the records I have keyed in the past two years were from the UK regarding Red Cross matters and repatriation. The latter involves many British war brides which may be of interest to relatives.

I suggest that the French Election Cards be put in batches of 10 or 20. I think more would be done that way.

Oh that’s a pity – I’ve been slowly keying Czech records for months and it’s the best project I’ve done for a long time so I do hope they will be back soon. Don’t really want to get involved with a different project now…

I think I may be the only one tackling the Romanian records. I’d like to assure potential keyers that it’s not too hard — if you know a Latin-based language you can figure a lot out.

I no longer see the Krakau Applications for ID Cards listed. Has this been permanently removed from the downloadable projects?

I agree with what Mary said about the French Election Cards. Use a batch of 10 instead of 5.

I am also invested in keying the Romanian records (M. Bernstein – you are not alone!) and am loathe to divert to another project. It would be helpful to have at least an idea of when the records would be available for keying again. If it’s going to be an extended absence, I may find a different area to work on, but I’d rather not.

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What’s happened to the Liverpool Crew lists – they just vanished overnight though they were only up to about 90%?
I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms !.

Is there something people from towns like Tallahassee can volunteer to do? I am limited physically but would volunteer to do what I can.