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Update:  We experienced some difficulties after publishing this project.  In correcting these issues many of the completed image sets were returned to the queue.  We apologize for the results of this error – your quality may have decreased, and we lost the time and efforts that had been contributed.  We assure you that we will not have a similar error made with future projects and appreciate your understanding of this issue.  Thank you for all that you contribute to the World Archives Project!

This week our new project is the Oregon, Biographical and Other Index Card File.  We will be indexing data from index cards with a variety of information on them – sometimes there will be a lot of information, such as on the Pioneer cards and others will have only a name to key.  The majority of the records are typed and not very name dense so this is an “Easy” project.

If you have questions or feedback please post a message on the Discussion page or this message board thread.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

The directions for Spouse are misleading because “by his Wife” refers to the primary person’s mother. His spouse is at the end of the article.

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to view the wiki for this project.

I am not sure what would be prohibiting you from viewing the wiki. Here is a direct link,,_Biographical_and_Other_Index_Card_File

Re: Bloom: Sometimes you need to clear your browser cache (or force a page re-load) to load a given web page.

Re: Anna’s paragraph following the Update:
I have found several cards handwritten; they are not all typed.

With an average of one name per 2 images (counting all the blank sides), this is not a project for those hungry for high volume output.


Oops! Sorry! I hit the wrong button! I loved doing the New Zealand Area Directories! Wasn’t there supposed to be a part 4 coming up, or did I miss it? I index almost every day, and I keep hoping it will show up! Thanks for the chance to do indexing. It is lots of fun!!

I have 3 image sets that won’t upload after keying. I suspect that they are part of the problem sets. Do they need to be returned by cancelling the image sets?