Challenge Update – The beginning of the end…

This is the first day in the last week of our Challenge.  I have keyed a few projects during the Challenge that I haven’t keyed for a little while which is most of the reason why we hold Challenges – other than it is fun to have some competition and win prizes!

Our projects this week are…

40179review Dorset, England, Quarter Session Order Books, 1625-1951  (Review)

  • Dorset Quarter Sessions is one of our older projects.  It is 100% keyed but only 40% of of the review image sets are complete.  The records can be difficult to read as there is a lot of variance from the records of the 1600s to the 1900s.  This is a snippet of an easier image to review.

 Liverpool, United Kingdom, Crew Lists 1860-191932168keying

  • This is another older project.  It is 83% keyed, there are 16,000 image sets remaining, and 67% reviewed, so plenty of review image sets too.  The records are handwritten but are in preprinted forms so the information is easy to follow.  From this record we are keying the Name, Birth year and Birth Place.

London, England, Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1828-1930 (Update)

  • Although this is a newer project we have keyed this type of records before.  These are relatively simple records to key with few records per image.

And our Week 7 winners are:

Pennsylvania, Society of Mayflower Descendants Applications
Keyer: Sharon U, USA                  *Karen W was the top keyer

Reviewer: Joella C, UK

Tennessee, Early Land Registers
Keyer: Virginia P, USA                  *Tammy S was the top keyer

Reviewer: Isolde W, UK

Texas, Convict Ledgers and Conduct Registries, 1849-1970
Reviewer: Teresa T, USA            *Karen T was the top reviewer

We appreciate all of your contributions!!  Happy indexing.

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Reader Comments

Well I am astonished – didn’t expect a prize for that week at all!


Have any of the prize winners actually received their prize yet, or am I the only one who hasn’t?

On your week 7 winners, who are they since you have two names and an “*” by another name. Very confusing.


I was a winner for week 4 and have not received a prize or info regarding prize as of yet.

I did send a reply indicating my choice of prize to Anna’s email Monday, December 9, when she contacted me about winning, but I haven’t heard back yet regarding when I will get the prize. I was notified that I was the winner two weeks after contest ended for that week.

I requested a DNA kit. For that, I think I just get a promo code to order the kit online. I have not received an email yet with this code nor have I received anything in the mail.


Thanks for the information, it does seem strange to ask winners what prize they want and then do nothing about it for 10 days. I replied on the 10th and sent another email directly to Anna’s own email account on the 15th.
Maybe she is waiting until all of the winners have responded.

I assume that nothing will happen now until after Christmas, or early in January.

Merry Christmas to all.

The names after * would have previously won one of the other weeks & therefore not eligible to win another, so the next top person (first named) wins the prize.

I’ve still not received anything official about being a winner. I only know from the blog. Do I wait for notification or do I need to email somebody? Does the FTM work on mac?


So since I have a * after my name on Week 7, does that mean that I won a prize in another week? I have not been contacted by anyone at all– am I supposed to contact someone? Help!
Thank you,
Tammy S

Hi Tammy,

It looks like you came in second place for the Challenge of the Day, Saturday, Week 2-according to this page;

If you look on that same page listed above you will see that you are also listed on the week 6 and Week 7 challenges.

It looks like you officially won the Week 6 challenge.