Project Update – Ontario, Canada Marriages Registers by Clergy, 1896-1948 and Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index, 1861-1930

This week has been a busy one for our team – four new projects!

The Canada Marriages Registers is a pretty straight forward collection.  There are two form types for images with data that needs to be entered, Return of Marriage and Register of Marriage.  This project has a difficulty rating of Average based on the difficulty of reading the handwritten information.  To view more about this project please visit the project page.

The Sands Street Index has a few more intricacies but with type written information the reading is a lot easier.  There are two types of directories, residents and businesses are either listed by Street name or are listed alphabetically.   I recommend you read the Project Instructions and Help article before keying this collection.  The project page is also a great resource.

If you have questions regarding this, or any, project please contact our support team,

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Reader Comments

I definitely don’t like the new archive tool. It takes too long to load and then you still get an error. The Canadian records are great but the screen moves every time I use the tab key to move from one entry to another. It is very frustrating to have to constantly move the screen back to where I am working.

I like the marriage records. There are a few things needing to be tweeked. I’m not sure if all the registers are exactly the same but the ones I am keying do not match the tool options given. When more than one given name is entered the cell turns red, even if the names are in the drop-down menu. The images are Given name first then Surname, the tool is set up with Surname first. After placing the image in the given format the image does not line up. I have made sure I have chosen the right format for the images.
Besides all that so far the images are clear and easy to read.

I also found the image did not match the forms given. The date of my first set was 1833 not 1896-1948 as stated.

We are working to correct the issue where entering a second name turns the field invalid.

There are some index images in the collection that should be entered as the “Cover page, Section header” form type. These are distinguished by being a page with single names listed in one column. If you come across an image that does not fit the standard form type please send a copy to the support team.

Anna, my question is about the New Orleans Slave Registers. I did a whole page of slaves; next should be Cpt. Declaration. But the next image starts with #19 of the previous slave list; in the middle is a pasted section on top of the slave list that I think is the Declaration or part of it; then the page continues the previous slave page under the pasted section.

I can take Ship Name and port from previous sheet and put it on this keyed record, but which form type do I use? I doubt you’d want me to re-enter slaves 19 through whatever, skip a bunch, then re-enter the bottom (all duplicates of the prior page). So I’d use Cpt. Declaration but that isn’t complete either…

Also, this and the previous image are very hard to see.

The shipper, written sideways, is cut in half between the 2 images–so image one I can read last name, image two, I can read first name (barely) and the last name is cut off.

Suggestion on how to proceed with the 2nd image? Expires Feb 20 or 22.

Tool Suggestion: A button for ALL projects that says “Unsure how to finish this particular image; submit to different keyer.” And that the submitter could then continue with the image set, with just that problem image marked for someone to re-do.



Help please, just loged on to archiving tool and it updated the tool but it has frozen and will not let me into the page, a message box sits in the middle of the page but when you click ok it sends an error message and says upgrade unfinished and closes down, please help to resolve.
andrew howson.

Hi Anna and Team;
Re: Sands Directories

I’d like to suggest/plea that the file called ‘World Archives Project tips: Sands Directories’ at be updated as often as required to enable the keyers to access the latest definitive answers about this project.

I seem to spend more time now reading posts, writing emails and seeking help than I spend keying the data.

Hope this one page file can be updated – with screen shots – just as often is required. It would really help. Perhaps it would actually save time for the WAP Support Team as they wouldn’t have to answer so many individual emails. Everyone would just be referred to this one page file.


I appreciate all your comments – we are always working to provide better support.

If you are encountering difficulties with the keying tool please refer to this message,

Judy – it sounds like this image should be categorized as a Manifest and that the names should be entered again.

I would love to work on the Ontario project since I have transcribed and indexed so many records. I live here and understand these records better than Americans.