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In March we posted a message about which projects were high priority, in June we posted a follow up to that message, and here is the latest update.

Projects that have been available for over a year:

The following projects are 90%, or more, keyed.

In the last 3 months we have completed 15 projects and there are now 13 more projects, and 3.4+ million more records published on Ancestry!

It is amazing to see all that is being contributed through the World Archives Project.  Each record keyed and reviewed makes a difference.  Thank you for all that you contribute!!


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Reader Comments

I have been slowly reviewing the Lodz register books and would love help to get this finished.

I’ve been reviewing the Kansas census and would to see these nearing completion but have a feeling it might take a little more time

I will hop in and do a few. We are working on getting Part 2 ready.

At the current rate we are estimating it will take a few more years. We have completed 46% of the keying and 20% of the review. We are considering options for splitting it into smaller parts.

Smaller chunks would be a great help! The French election registration cards project is huge, and might appear to be a bit daunting. I have been rotating between it and the Kansas census, and occasionally a different project just for some variety. I work full time and do not have a lot of free time to key, but try to get a few sets done on my days off. It is a bit disheartening to see several days (hours) worth of work seem to make absolutely no dent in the number of records to be keyed. Splitting some of the very large projects into smaller parts would also allow at least part of the project to be released sooner, and updated as additional information is added.

You mention that there are 1578 image sets remaining on the West Yorkshire, England, School Records project but I don’t see any for keying or reviewing.

The project update shows 4864 image sets remaining in the coronor’s notebook project. I don’t find them in the list of projects available. are they available at some other site?

Type your comment here.I would love to go over the German records but the fact that they are in German worries me. I like their cardsbut it takes so much time to do one. I think the French project issame

The last 5 image sets were checked out this past week. During the days between the post and your comment all but a dozen or so of the review image sets were completed. Amazing!

Only review image sets remain for the Coroner’s Books project – all of the keying is complete. (There are still 4290 image sets available so quite a few have been submitted in the past couple weeks.)

Yes, the German and French project are a little more difficult and will take longer to become familiarized with.

[…] last update was in September and in the past 3 months we have made great […]