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We have two new projects from West Yorkshire – West Yorkshire, England, Militia, 1779-1827 and West Yorkshire, England, Alehouse Licences, 1771-1962.


The West Yorkshire, England, Militia, 1779-1827 project contains various militia records, mostly lists of males eligible to serve from West Yorkshire.  These records come in a variety of formats and are handwritten so we have this rated as an Average difficulty project.  The handwriting can be difficult to read so if you download an image set you are not comfortable completing you can cancel the image set and have it returned to the keying queue.

If you have questions, comments or feedback you can post them on the Discussion page, or this message board thread.


The West Yorkshire, England, Alehouse Licences, 1771-1962 project contains registers of licence alehouses from various divisions in West Yorkshire.  These records are also handwritten and come in a variety of formats.  Due to privacy laws we any image where all of the dates on the image are after 1962 should be classified as a Post 1962 Content form type.

If you have questions, comments or feedback you can post them on the Discussion page, or this message board thread.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

I do not understand what is to be done with the names in the back of the book. From looking at the project examples you are mainly supposed to key the people in the margins. I do not understand what to do with page about her majesty and the list of people that come after her. Do I key them or assume they are witnesses? Do I assume the said person is a witness!

Do you put both people on the line the person at the beginning then the other onethat is the owner or holder

Each individual will be entered on their own line following the columns over and then down the page. So if you had a record with the licensee and owner on the same line you would record each of them on a separate record and then move on to the next record on the page.

If that doesn’t answer your question, or if you have additional questions you can send an email to our support staff,