Project Update – Slave Manifests filed at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1807-1860

For those of you residing in the U.S. you likely know that February is Black History month so this project has a timely entrance into the World Archives Project.  Although sometimes difficult to read the handwriting this project is intriguing and I find it hard to just enter one or two image sets. 

There are a few intricacies about this project that are addressed in the Project Instructions.  Visiting the project page will also be helpful.  And there is also a help article coming soon – a link will be posted later today.

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Very fun project. I think it will prove to be as addicting as the criminal records were :).

The Help article is now posted –

I know there are a lot of people keying the manifests – and hope this trend continues!

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I am enjoying this project but have one or two points,
1 some of the captains declarations seem to be on same page as collector’s affadavits
2 some manifests spread onto numerous pages, half of which you have already keyed, and some go onto another image set, this means that you do not always get the date landed