Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy – Collection Update

This past week we noticed indications of possible errors in the data being collected for the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy: Marriage and Death Records, 1870-1937 collection. We removed the collection to investigate the situation and identified a technical error that was causing data issues. We will repost the collection soon in its entirety to ensure the integrity of the data. We appreciate your participation in keying this collection and your patience while we work to resolve this technical error.

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Reader Comments

Hi Anna and the team. Thanks for your quick response to sort out these little glitches. We look forward to the return of our beloved ‘Italian Records’.

I’ve still got about 8 sets of images that I downloaded a couple of days ago — should I just release those or go ahead and key them?

I have the same question as Lorri. The set is due to expire 12th Feb.

Colleen, I got tired of just staring at those poor sets and went ahead and did them. I’ve tried a couple of the other projects but they’re just not as much fun as the Italian records are… I hope they get them back soon… I miss my people from Santino!

The collection has been added back in to the project. Enjoy!