Hart’s Annual Army List 1908

To change things up a bit I thought I would release the new project this week over the weekend.  The Hart’s Annual Army List 1908 contains lists of serving, reserve and retired officers for every regiment in the British Army during 1908.  They are typed lists that can range from a few names to many, many names on the page.  This collection is on Ancestry image first.

If you have questions regarding how to key a record or how to classify an image, or need clarification on the project instructions or field helps you can post a question on the Discussion page or on this message board thread.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

This message really has nothing to do with this tread, anyway I just wanted to mention Today is my 3rd year anniversary date with the World Archives Project and I loved every minute that I spent Keying and Reviewing the images. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity. And many more years to come. 🙂

i just hit a wrong key and my image set that i was working on is gone, what happened to it, i want it back. please help me get it back. i was almost halfway through it.

Sorry nothing to do with Harts Annual Army List, but Ive only been keying for a few weeks and have been really enjoying it, although some I’ve not been able to complete becasue I couldn’t read the writing. BUT when I fisrt started I was classed as ‘exceptional’ few weeks (and I did key alot- as far as I’m concerned), but then it dropped to ‘excellent’ now its dropped further to ‘good job’!! Why? What am I doing wrong when I started off with ‘exceptional’ and now only ‘good’????? I am really enjoying it too.

Message continued from above- Makes me feel dishartened!