Happy Canada Day!

Today Canadians celebrate the 146th birthday of the formation of Canada as a country.  I love that the first few days of July hold two days that allow my family to celebrate our heritage.  Tonight to celebrate my family will have fireworks and a variety of Canadian treats – Nanaimo bars, puffed wheat squares, and butter tarts along with a variety of fun flavored chips.  (If any of my family ate poutine I would make that but sadly I have not been able to convince them of the deliciousness of gravy and melted cheese curds…mmmm.)  And after singing the Canadian national anthem we will talk about my mom, her parents, and their parents and how they came from Sweden, England and the US, served in the armed forces and contributed to who we are today.

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Happy Canada Day!

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Reader Comments

Hi Anna, happy Canada Day too.
I had to google your Canadian treats to find out what they are. Trust they are only for special occasions but from the look of the poutine I would have to agree with your family on that one.
One Sydney(Australia) morning TV show crew are currently spending this week in Canada so each morning we are seeing beautiful Canadian scenery.
And for those in the States, happy early 4th of July.

I grew up mostly in Calgary so the Rockies were in our backyard. It is beautiful! The Nanaimo Bars and puffed wheat squares were a hit. 🙂