Are you feeling the hairs on the back of your neck standing up?

Maybe it’s a cold wind from the North or maybe it’s because you’re walking through a cemetery, or both.

Our new project this week is the Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, St Peter’s Cemetery Tombstones, 1857-2000.  I have enjoyed this project in testing as I love cemeteries.  Who doesn’t like looking at gravestones?  Who doesn’t like walking through a cemetery and looking at the diversity of stones, sayings, etc?  Maybe I am a unique soul but I am guessing within a crowd of genealogists I would be in the majority.  This project is relatively easy – there are some stones that have degraded so the engravings are hard to see and some where the angle makes it difficult to read but overall this is almost as easy as typewritten text.

If you have questions or comments about this project please post them on the Discussion page or message board.

Happy keying!




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Reader Comments

I love cemeteries too. THere is one near my house that is fascinating. Some of the headstones have gotten into such bad shape you can’t read names any more which is too bad.

I’ve seen some very neat imaging techniques that allow you to see those very worn/invisible texts again. Unfortunately, it’s such a widespread issue that the time and resources needed to undertake recreating that information may not exist.

Just this past week my mother, aunt, uncle and myself went to the cemetery of original family members who arrived from Switzerland to Wisconsin. We realized that in this small cemetery we were related to most of the people.