More “new” Projects!

Today brings us two projects that will be new to some but will be very familiar to anyone who has keyed in the past year.

The first project is the New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866-1955.  Yes, there are more.  (This is Part 3 and I believe there is also a Part 4.)  The Wise’s New Zealand Post Office Directory comprises the majority of this collection. The directory was an unauthorized, commercial endeavor sanctioned by the Post Office and published by Henry Wise & Co., Dunedin. It covered all of New Zealand and was the first national postal directory of householders. The directory was published nearly every year or two years from 1872 to 1955.  Although this is an easy project to key – it is all typewritten and generally good image quality – there are generally at least 300 names and up to 1000 names on the two pages so the image set could take over an hour to complete.  Since you have 10 days to complete the image set you can pace your self and complete a column or two of names a day.

If you have questions or feedback about this project you can post on the Discussion page or message board.

And the second project is U.S., Military Registers, Army – similar to the U.S., Military Registers, Marines we completed a few weeks ago.  The registers are all typewritten and have the names of officers and enlisted men in the Army.

If you have questions or feedback about this project you can post on the Discussion page or message board.

Happy keying! 

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YAY!!! New Zealand again!! My favorite!:)