Project Update – Northern California Naturalisation Indexes

Earlier this week we released a new project, Northern California Naturalisation indexes.  This collection is similar to other naturalisation collections but has one key difference, there is only one form type to use when keying information, General Index Card.  So although there are a variety of card types they are all categorized in the same way and you enter the fields that are pertinent to that card.  Our hope in simplifying this step is that this will make the project easier to key.

If you would like to learn more about this project please visit the project page and online help article.  And if there are items you feel need more explanation please contact our support team, worldarchivesproject

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I thought the appropriate spelling in the USA was NATURALIZATION. Are we being influenced by our British participants?? Or do we have a mole at WAP?

These are some of my observations while keying these records.
The blanket highlight does not really make these indexes easier for the keyer. There are a couple of things to watch for as you key, since the highlight does not move to direct you to the information that is being requested.
1. Event Date – This date is the second date on the card, NOT the first.
2. Date of Birth – This date is the first date on the card. You have to be careful since the information fields on the card are in the reverse order.
3. Alias Surname/Given – If you do not scroll to the bottom of the card, you might miss that there are sometimes a “change of name”, which can be found above the signature line of the applicant, and that information needs to be input into the Alias Surname / Alias Given Name fields.