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Update: We have released the review image sets for the Children’s Employment Commission- Appendix to the Second Report of the Commissioners 1842.  We have updated the instructions and examples for the Clergy List 1897 project – please note the changes to the Residence Location field helps.


Today we have two new projects with a lot of similarities.  Both projects are from the UK, type written, and are from the 19th century.

The Children’s Employment Commission- Appendix to the Second Report of the Commissioners 1842 is comprised of interviews with children who were employed by various employees in the United Kingdom.  I found I was drawn in to reading the story of each of the children so although there were only a few names on the page it took a while to key them.

The Clergy List 1897 has a variety of types of lists of clergy members in the Anglican Church in 1897.  The lists are typed and are often very name dense.  We are keying the names of the “clergy” or those who are in the service of the church; we are not keying the names of benefactors, or patrons which will be easily identified.  Keying the prefixes was a good exercise in understanding the structure of the clergy.

I am sure you will enjoy these projects as much as we have.  Happy keying!

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Anna, you say in your post that the review sets for the Children’s Employment Commission have been released, but I haven’t seen any review sets available to download, and there are no review stats showing on the project page as yet. Just wondering whether they’ve got stuck somewhere?

Have been doing clery list, and have just keyed the details of my great grandfather! The first time I’ve come across relatives in keying.

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I just keyed a set of the Clergy List of 1897. I could find no assistance in guessing what the initials before the given names mean (rank in pastorship?). Also I don’t see any residence info. I do see a town where the church is found, but I’m not to assume that the pastor lives at that location am I?

I have about 12-15 yearbooks. How do I get those into I can scan the pages, but where do I submit them?