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For some reason I can’t seem to get the idea of cheese out of my mind any time the Cheddar Rate Book project is brought up!  (Yes, the name for cheddar cheese did originate from Cheddar, you can read about it here.)  I believe this may be the smallest project we have launched to date – 95 image sets.  It is a handwritten collection listing the owners and occupiers in the parish of Cheddar and as such is also relatively easy to read over.  You can review the keying samples in the wiki for clarification on how “Himself/herself” should be keyed as well as how a record should be keyed when the Occupier changes.  Please post any questions on the Discussion page.

Happy keying!

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For all reviewers, because this is a small project I have released the review image sets right away. If you have questions I will be checking the Discussion page throughout the weekend. – Anna

I read the book, “Seven Daughters of Eve” about a year ago. The book was mostly about mitochondrial DNA distribution around the world. Mitochondrial DNA comes from the female and can be traced back to 7 women who lived during prehistoric times.

There was a story in the book related to some genetic information gleaned from the Cheddar region. I’ll have to reread the book to find it unless someone out there has a copy and can share the information. Please help!

I reread some of “Seven Daughters of Eve” and found the reference to Cheddar, England. The author found several living Cheddar residents who had the same DNA as a tooth from a 10,000 year-old human fossil found in the same region.